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Dearly beloved citizens of goodwill resident in Ghana, we bring you greetings from the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


We, the leaders of the Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, held our annual Joint Meeting at the St. James Catholic Church, Osu-Accra, on Wednesday May 10, 2023. We used the opportunity to hold an Ecumenical Service to pray for Christian unity and the wellbeing of the nation.

In our joint meeting, we discussed matters of both Church and National interests. We deem it appropriate as Christian Leaders to speak to and bring the following issues to the attention of the Government and people of Ghana, especially to members of our Church communities.


We seek to draw the attention of government and well-meaning Ghanaians to the escalating nature of the Bawku conflict. The conflict is causing massive loss of lives and property with important institutions like Bawku Presbyterian Hospital almost grinding to a halt. The CCG and GCBC calls on government to take urgent pragmatic steps to save the situation by implementing a robust inclusive action plan that can be acceptable by all factions in the conflict. We acknowledge and appreciate the security agencies for their vital interventions that have averted a full-blown conflict to other parts of the country.

We however caution that extremist groups operating in the Northern parts of the sub region can take advantage of the volatility in Bawku and launch attacks on the citizenry of our nation. We therefore urge all stakeholders involved in the conflict to take the path of peaceful coexistence and harmony. The leadership of CCG and GCBC directs all pastors in our Councils to pray for the peace of Bawku and the entire nation during their cooperate prayer meetings.


It is axiomatic that Ghana’s economy has been on a downhill over the past two years. However, the leadership of CCG and GCBC believes that economic recovery is possible if the right measures are put in place. There are many factors that must be tackled by government to solve the economic challenges of the nation. Chiefs among these factors are wastage, corruption and excessive borrowing. We beseech government to implement practical measures to check wastage and ensure that the resources of the nation are utilized to the optimum. We also call on Ghanaian citizens to see Ghana as the only nation we have and work responsibly to protect national properties, while making judicious use of resources at our disposal. The leadership of CCG and GCBC calls on Ghanaians to stand up for what is right in our nation, especially with respect to corruption in government institutions. We pray that bold Ghanaians will begin to speak up for what is right to save our nation from the evil of corruption and save our economy from total collapse.


In previous communiques, we have written vehemently against the menace of galamsey. Recent developments in our nation and reports on both electronic and print media suggest that there has been lack of political will in the fight against this evil. We wish to reiterate that galamsey has serious future health and economic repercussions for our country. We therefore call on government to show leadership and good will and prosecute individuals and companies, especially politicians and those with political party affiliations who are involved in galamsey activities. We also call on Ghanaians to continue planting and nurturing trees to save our environment, especially during the green Ghana day project.


The past three (3) years have been difficult for most Ghanaians. The covid 19 pandemic left negative imprints on the lives of many Ghanaians. Just when the nation was recovering from such devastation, the economy came to the brink of collapse and impacted even pensioners who are supposed to be enjoying their retirement.

The leadership of CCG and GCBC wish to thank Ghanaians for your resilience and positive attitude in times of distress. As Christian leaders, we want to assure Ghanaians that God’s love and mercies are abundant and new every morning. Let all Ghanaians be encouraged that the numerous challenges we face as a nation will not overcome us. We encourage individuals, organisations, and the entire nation to keep hope alive as we continue to pray and work hard towards the attainment of our goals. Please remember that we are “walking through” the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:5) and will definitely come to the end of the valley.


The Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference wish to assure all Ghanaians that we will continue our public education, Christian advocacy and prayers for peace, harmony, and justice in Ghana. In so doing we will continue to be non-partisan and be guided by the principles of the Holy Bible. We wish all Ghanaians well in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Rev. Dr. Cyril G. K. Fayose

General Secretary


Rev. Fr. Lazarus Anondee

Secretary General



Bishop Adjei Lawson

Vice Chair


Most Rev. Matthew Kwasi Gyamfi



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Source: CCG


Published: Friday, June 2, 2023




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