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Donate to our Projects

You can give to the work of the C.C.G. in two different ways:

  • Over the phone. Call our  number on +233-0302 77 66 78
  • By cheque or money order. Please download the online form of the program to which you would like to give (click on the link below),  fill in the form, and send it with your cheque to: xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
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The C.C.G. works ecumenically for people in Ghana.
Choose from one of the programs below. You will be contributing to the work of the C.C.G.

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Ecumenical Friends
Contribute to the work of the Christian Council of Ghana.

General Secretariat
Through the General Secretariat you can give to:


The Christian Council of Ghana and it's Member Churches in Ghana. Act for Peace, empowers deprived communities to reduce poverty, protect and prevent further outbreaks.

To call our secure lines, please click on the relevant titles below.

1. Economic empowerment of Women in the north
3. Child Labour,
4. Malaria Control and Prevention,
5. Climate Change
6. Population and Development campaigns