Things To Know | Christian Council of Ghana

Things To Know


Membership of the CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OF GHANA shall comprise:

  • Autonomous Christian Churches and
  • Ecumenical organizations.

1. Membership shall be on application to the CHRISTIAN COUNCIL.
2. A Christian Church or Ecumenical organization shall not be eligible for admission as a member unless:

  • It operates within Ghana

  • It expressly states its consent and subscribes its adherence to this Constitution.

  • It confesses the LORD JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Saviour of the world according to the Scriptures.

  • It satisfies any conditions or requirements provided by the Executive Committee acting on behalf of the Council, and

  • Its application is approved by a special resolution of the Council.

3. Member Churches of the COUNCIL are responsible for decisions concerning their own faith, doctrine and witness without prejudice to the separate existence of the Council.

Where a Church or Ecumenical organisation develops out of a Member Church or organisation, both that Church or Organisation and its Parent Church or Organisation shall, for the purpose of membership of the COUNCIL, be considered as one body unless, by or under their Constitutions or other constituent instruments, they are independent of each other.

4. A member of the Council shall be classified as a full or associate member.

5. A member of the Council shall cease to be a member, if the member:

  • Voluntarily withdraws its membership,

  • Is suspended for whatever period of time,

  • Is expelled by the Council.

The Annual General Meeting may make regulations with regard to membership as follows:

  • The form and content of the membership application form.

  • Classification of membership and their duties, responsibilities and rights.

  • The grounds for voluntary withdrawal, suspension or expulsion.