Become A Member | Christian Council of Ghana

Membership Procedure

Membership of the C.C.G is open to all Churches and Ecumenical/Para-Church Organisations in Ghana.

Mode of Application
Membership of C.C.G. begins by means of written application to the General Secretary of the Council. The applicant is required to submit the following documents together with the Application Letter and address it to the General Secretary, Christian Council of Ghana.

  1. The constitution of the Church, Ecumenical or Para-church organization

  2. The Background history of the Church/organisation and its Founder

  3. Certificate of Registration

  4. A support reference letter from an already existing full member churche of C.C.G

  5. Organisational chart and location of its headquarters

  6. A comprehensive lists of its branches including oversees offices

  7. Lists of church officers/Executive Board