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The Executive Committee of  C.C.G.
The Executive Committee is the Executive Body of the Council; The Executive Committee comprise of Eight (8) Heads or Leaders of Member Churches, elected by the Annual General Meeting and Seven (7) ordinary members, elected by the Annual General Meeting. The General Secretary, who shall be an ex-officio member. The Chairman of  the Advisory Committee of the Northern Sector Office, Chairmen of Asempa Publishers, Christian Community Microfinance Ltd. (CCML), and the Advisory Committees to the Departments, the Northern Sector Office and President of Trinity Theological Seminary but without voting rights.

The Executive Committee performs the following functions;

  • Responsible for the policy direction  and the general control of the affairs of the COUNCIL; 

  • Organize an OPEN ASSEMBLY  of the Christian Community, at least once in every five  years, to discuss issues of common concern to (the) Church and society;

  • Make such bye-laws as may from time to time, be necessary for the efficient running of the COUNCIL and its Committees.

  • Organise an Assembly of Local Councils of Churches at least once a year, for the promotion of ecumenical fellowship and the development and strengthening of their membership

  • Discharge any other duty or responsibilities conferred  on the Executive Committee by or under the Council’s Constitution, or referred to it by the Annual General Meeting, the Church Leaders’ Meeting, or the General Secretary;

  • Appoint persons to serve on the Board of Directors of Asempa Publishers, Ghana Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (GECLOF), or any other similar bodies established by the COUNCIL at every Annual General Meeting of such bodies.

The Executive Committee meets at least four times each year and the Annual General Meeting provides regulations to govern the meetings of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is subordinated to the over-all authority of the Annual General Meeting.