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Position: Administrator

Location: Accra, Ghana

Date of Issue: 25 January, 2023

Closing Date: 9th February, 2023


The mission of the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) is to strengthen the capacity of our members to contribute to achieving Justice, Unity, Reconciliation and Integrity of Creation among various sectors of Ghanaian society and provide a forum for joint action on issues of common interest.


Established in 1929, CCG has over the years been very involved in social issues both through research and advocacy programmes to promote national development. CCG is the voice of the voiceless in the society and work with many marginalized, displaced and vulnerable population in Ghana be serving the needs of these persons. To achieve its mandate CCG works with various partners both locally and international. As part of its humanitarian mandate, CCG is in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in providing assistance to Refugees in Ghana. Through this partnership CCG seek to promote the wellbeing of refugees living in urban areas particularly in Accra including education, health, livelihood and promotion of their rights. As part of measures to ameliorate the Urban Refugee Program, CCG in collaboration with UNHCR have resolved to implement the Urban Refugee Community Center Programme.

A Refugee Community Centre is a safe and public place where women, men, boys and girls of diverse backgrounds can meet for social events, recreation, education and livelihood programs, information exchange, and other purposes. They are established with the main objective of empowering refugee and host communities and providing them with a forum to promote their participation in decisions that affect their lives. Community centers can be an important community-based protection tool with the potential to yield protection results for refugees living in urban areas. Ghana hosts at least 3,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Accra residing in diverse locations in the city which challenges efforts to reach out to all and establish strong refugee community ties. An urban community center will provide a safe space for refugees to gather and exchange ideas and concerns and act as a catalyst for initiatives and innovations by refugees. Having access to a wide variety of services and programs that cater for the needs of urban refugees in the same location is particularly convenient for refugees.

Objectives of the Refugee Community Center Program

⦁ Improve the protection for Persons of Concern ([“PoCs”] including refugees and asylum seekers and former refugees who have opted for local integration) living in Accra through a community-based protection model.

⦁ To foster strong cohesion and harmonious coexistence between the refugee communities and with their local communities.

⦁ Provide a platform to celebrate the cultural richness and diversity of the refugee communities.

⦁ To support and enhance the local integration for former refugees who have been given the opportunity to locally integrate in Ghana.

⦁ Create opportunities for personal, professional and educational development of refugees and other Persons of Concern (PoCs).

⦁ Provide a center to support resource mobilization for projects for PoCs in Ghana.

Scope of Work

The Community Center Administrator will work under the guidance of the Director of Programmes and Advocacy at CCG and shall be responsible for the overall management of the community center including both activities and staff of the center by working in tandem with the Project Coordinator and other Officers on the Urban Refugee Programme as well as other key stakeholders. The Community Center Administrator shall perform the following duties:

⦁ Contribute to the design and execution of the work plan, which includes trainings, outreaches to the refugee population, ICT and remedial programmes, livelihood activities, exhibitions, accelerated learning programmes, youth development etc.

⦁ Provide support to the Director of Programmes on the direction and leadership in advocating project objectives and in ensuring that all interested parties are well informed about the project activities and goals by working with other staff on the Urban Refugee Programme at CCG.

⦁ Provide project administrative, procurement processes, financial management and technical expertise in the implementation under the direct supervision of the Director of Programmes (CCG) and monitoring project activities and coordinate all activities of staff at the center

⦁ To facilitate in the organization of workshops, trainings, meetings and other events at the center by providing all the necessary administrative and logistical support to all stakeholders and other visitors.

⦁ Track project deliverables and reporting timelines and work with the project team to ensure timely completion and dissemination.

Prepare and proofread correspondence including reports, templates, training material, staff manuals, memoranda and documents.

⦁ Provide supervision to all other staff at the community center and serve as a liaison officer between the community center and the Urban Refugee Coordination Partners (Ghana Refugee Board, CCG and UNHCR)

⦁ Prepare quarterly and annual report on activities carried out at the Community Center on key project activities, issues and required action points.

⦁ Attending weekly meetings and producing monthly reports on progress on agreed targets.

⦁ Updating and maintaining databases and contact lists of PWS visiting the facility as well as volunteers, etc.

⦁ Following up on all matters related to the daily running of the office (e.g. contact with Refugees and Asylum-Seekers, service providers, stakeholders .

Qualifications and Required Skills

The selected candidate should have the following profile:

⦁ A Degree in the Administration (Project Management, Business Management, Human Resources, Finance) or related field.

⦁ Previous proven experience in office administration and support

⦁ Previous proven experience in community center management or community organizing.

⦁ An understanding of human rights and humanitarian work

⦁ Prior studies or work with refugees or related Work, development work (particularly in an urban setting) or related fields would be an added advantage

Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to liaise with people from diverse socio/cultural and gender backgrounds.

⦁ Strong skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

⦁ Experience in project budget preparation and implementation

Key Attributes

⦁ Passionate, proactive, professional with great attention to detail

⦁ Knowledge of French or Arabic languages is an advantage

⦁ Proposal writing, concept note and project development will be an added advantage

How to Apply

⦁ All interested applicants are required to send a motivational letter and CV including all relevant certificates to CCG at

⦁ Ensure that the subject of the email is: Application for Refugee Community Center Administrator Position

Closing Date: 9th February 2023

NB: Only qualified applicants who meet the requirements for this position will be invited for interview

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Source: CCG


Wednesday January 25, 2023




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